Short stories, flash fiction and other jottings

Clouds, The Text and Volunteer Driver were published by Boxtree Media Ltd in  ‘Super Shorts’ an anthology of short stories available from

19 February 2022


Sandstorm In 2016 eight of us took on the challenge to walk 70km across the Sahara to raise money for...
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10 December 2021

Bobby by Stuart Lloyd-Beavis

Here's a memory from Stuart, presented through True Stories Told Live, Cambridge — @cambridgetruestories...
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28 October 2021


Her feet got tangled up in themselves and her knees buckled unevenly. She knew with a dull inevitability that she...
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3 September 2021


A heartwarming memory that was first distributed during lockdown through True Stories Told Live, Cambridge — @cambridgetruestories...
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9 August 2021

Phyllis’ Story

A short insight into Phyllis' earlier life, in her own words....
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13 July 2021

Good Neighbours

I should have known. The first time Mrs Simmonds — call me Maureen — invited me round for coffee. She...
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4 June 2021

Hugi’s Dream

I ran around and round and round, My ’glad to be alive’ run....
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25 May 2021

My Pencil

My pencil has a mind of it’s own. My hand doesn’t have to do anything....
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24 April 2021

The Text

The text transported me back more than fifty years. I was eight. It was the day of the party. The...
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6 April 2021

Volunteer Driver

I looked in the rear view mirror. A child’s blank eyes stared back at me. Her mother sat beside me...
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