Short stories, flash fiction and other jottings

Clouds, The Text and Volunteer Driver were published by Boxtree Media Ltd in  ‘Super Shorts’ an anthology of short stories available from

3 September 2021


A heartwarming memory that was first distributed during lockdown through True Stories Told Live, Cambridge — @cambridgetruestories...
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9 August 2021

Phyllis’ Story

A short insight into Phyllis' earlier life, in her own words....
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13 July 2021

Good Neighbours

I should have known. The first time Mrs Simmonds — call me Maureen — invited me round for coffee. She...
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4 June 2021

Hugi’s Dream

I ran around and round and round, My ’glad to be alive’ run....
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25 May 2021

My Pencil

My pencil has a mind of it’s own. My hand doesn’t have to do anything....
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24 April 2021

The Text

The text transported me back more than fifty years. I was eight. It was the day of the party. The...
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6 April 2021

Volunteer Driver

I looked in the rear view mirror. A child’s blank eyes stared back at me. Her mother sat beside me...
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8 March 2021


I ’m a scientist, I know (sort of) what makes clouds and shapes in the sky but since my parents...
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Rude Awakening

Rude Awakening by Jacqueline James

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Jacqueline James