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Rude Awakening

by Jacqueline James

A story of loss, evolving friendship and self discovery.

Jacqueline’s debut novel, Rude Awakening, is a thought-provoking and touching tale of loss, evolving friendship and self discovery.

Hilary’s mother dies suddenly and she is thrown into a spiral of despair. With support from her friends she lifts herself out of her despondency, and begins to come to terms with the loss, until the discovery of a manuscript amongst her mother’s things throws her into turmoil. How could she have lived with someone for so long and not had an inkling of their history?

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Rude Awakening by Jacqueline James

Short stories, Flash fiction and other jottings


Her feet got tangled up in themselves and her knees buckled unevenly. She knew with a dull inevitability that she was going to fall. Her reflexes were slow, her hands hardly broke the fall, her face took the brunt. As she lay there, she thanked her father for the large nose, that had protected her...

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Jacqueline James

Jacqueline James is a retired GP now living in Cambridge.
Born in Solihull she went to Sheffield University Medical school, qualifying in 1980 and, after a stint in hospitals, became a GP and family planning doctor in 1986, first in inner city Sheffield and then in rural Cambridgeshire.
She retired in 2016 in order to spend more time writing.


Jacqueline James