Rude Awakening

by Jacqueline James

  • Published 15 February 2021
  • Publisher SilverWood Books
  • ISBN 9781800420298
  • Paperback 229 x 152mm (282 pages)
  • RRP £8.99
  • Kindle £3.99

Hilary has never left home and at fifty-five uncomplainingly looks after her progressively disabled but feisty mother.

Hilary’s mother dies suddenly and she is thrown into a spiral of despair. With support from her friends she lifts herself out of her despondency, and begins to come to terms with the loss, until the discovery of a manuscript amongst her mother’s things throws her into turmoil. How could she have lived with someone for so long and not had an inkling of their history?

With no one else in her life, she again turns to her friends for help and in spite of their own troubles they rally round to help her through.

Rude Awakening by Jacqueline James



All my adult life I have had a dog and my current dog, Hugi appears as 'Hector', Hilary's dog in Rude Awakening and he's there again in the sequel that I am working on.

I was a family planning doctor as well as a GP and as part of that work I was a psychosexual counsellor. Parts of Hilary's story grew from feelings shared with different women in those counselling sessions.

After my parents died, my sister and I cleared the house that they had lived in for over fifty years. There were no surprises or manuscripts to find, but it was a difficult process and felt quite personal and intrusive. You can never know everything about another person, even someone as close as a parent.


A well-written book about friendship, family and relationships in later life

A very well observed critique of women and their relationships

A lovely year of female support solidarity and discovery

I loved this book - the characters quickly became people I cared about & I wanted to keep reading to see what happened to them next - I was sad to finish it.

I was quickly engrossed in the lives of the characters, and their unique quirks and personalities.

Jacqueline James