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UPDATE October 2023

Since I wrote the piece below, many changes have taken place in my life. I I felt that it was time for an update.

Of course everything that I have said still stands. I cannot (and wouldn’t want to) change my past.

Two more books have been published, completing the Barwell Trilogy. I am currently working on a fourth with a different set of characters and a different genre. Watch this space.

The biggest change has been relocating to the South of France.  A dream come true.  We now live in Menton in a beautiful apartment, located in a house where Queen Victoria once stayed. Situated within walking distance of the sea, it has its own garden and wonderful views of sea and mountains. All this means is that in retirement I am able to indulge myself in swimming in the sea, gardening, reading and of course I have the perfect writing space.


About Jacqueline


I was born in 1957 in Solihull, West Midlands. In 1959 my parents bought this house and I lived there until I left for university. My parents lived in the house for the rest of their lives— it was always home.

My sister and brothers (and teddy)









                           Canmore Infant School

Shirley Heath Junior School

Tudor Grange Girls Grammar School


Graduation Day 1980










After graduation I worked as a junior doctor in Halifax and Sheffield, before becoming a GP in Sheffield in 1986.

I specialised in women’s health and family planning, gaining membership of  the Faculty of Family Planning and also the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine.

After moving to Cambridge in 1998,  I joined a practice in Warboys. I worked there until I took early retirement in 2016, in order to concentrate on my writing.

Along the way I have been lucky enough to have travelled extensively. I have owned a winning greyhound, had an interest in various race horses and have learnt to shoot.

I met my husband, Stuart, in Cambridge and we have restored several properties together and built two.  Here are links to our two properties in Norfolk, available to rent through Barefoot Retreats Norfolk.



I learnt to read when I was very young and have not been without a book since. I love to escape into stories and I have written journals at various points in my life.

Helping to care for my parents towards the end of their lives led me to explore the idea of writing a novel. A writing course in 2016 and some very positive feedback convinced me to try my hand at writing something that others may want to read. The result was my first novel, ‘Rude Awakening’.









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Journey’s End

Journey’s End by Jacqueline James

Journey’s End is the third book of Jacqueline James' Barwell Trilogy

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Let’s Escape

Let's Escape by Jacqueline James

Jacqueline's second novel, Let's Escape, sees Hilary venture on a trip where she finds love and the promise of happiness.

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Rude Awakening

Rude Awakening by Jacqueline James

Jacqueline's debut novel, Rude Awakening, is a thought-provoking and touching tale of loss, evolving friendship and self discovery.

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